Hell's Kitchen

Ultros Goblet Ward 12 Plot 30open every Saturday from 9 pm est to 11 pm est.

    About us

    Hell's Kitchen is a fun and classy restaurant with pure HQ food and drinks.
    We have a friendly staff and all the food is made by Gordon Ramsay himself or his well-trained Chefs he trained himself.
    We have a few rules we hope you will follow.
    For our shows we have the Lovely Yin & Yang put on performances whenever they can.
    We host blackjack from time to time, so come over and bet your gil and try to win the big prizes!
    For our rules please do not jump up on the stage while a performance is taking place it's rude and you will be asked to leave. Please keep your minions, pets, and summons upstairs in the pet play area don't worry they will be safe and well looked after. please do not jump up on the tables or try to ERP we are a classy restaurant and we don't like that crap. Do not bother the staff while working and do not enter the kitchen that's staff only. Other than that please enjoy your stay and we hope you have fun that leaves you wanting to come back.